Interaction Enhanced Imaging of Rydberg P states - Preparation and detection of Rydberg atoms for engineering long-range interactions


The Interaction Enhanced Imaging technique allows to detect the spatial distribution of strongly interacting impurities embedded within a gas of background atoms used as a contrast medium. Here we present a detailed study of this technique, applied to detect Rydberg P states. We experimentally realize fast and efficient three-photon excitation of P states, optimized according to the results of a theoretical effective two-level model. Few Rydberg P-state atoms, prepared in a small cloud with dimensions comparable to the blockade radius, are detected with a good sensitivity by averaging over 50 shots. The main aspects of the technique are described with a hard-sphere model, finding good agreement with experimental data. This work paves the way to a non-destructive optical detection of single Rydberg atoms with high spatial and temporal resolution.

The European Physics Journal Special Topics
Armin Kekić
Armin Kekić
PhD Student in Causality and Machine Learning

My interests include high-dimensional time series forecasting, machine learning, network science and quantum dynamics.